How to get out of parenting guilt NOW

In this episode I share tools I used to get out of feeling guilty for travel .The mindset shift I use on the road and how you can apply it to your life as well. Being guilty for being away doesn't make you aa better parent, it only hurts you.

Why you don't have to love every part of yourself all the time while still achieving self love.

As a self love QUEEN I feel it's important to share with you that I do NOT ALWAYS LOVE every part of myself. In this episode, I get a little TOO real with you on my self love journey. I think it's important we talk about the whole story when it comes to loving yourself, the benefits of self love in life and business, and realistically what loving yourself looks like.

The life changing lesson I learned in Italy!

You get a back stage pass into my snowboarding career, life changing mindset shifts, and well a whole lot of personality! In this episode, I share with you the biggest lesson and mindset hack that has completely changed my career as a snowboarder. We are learning the power of relaxing and releasing our current emotions so we can stay clear minded and focused on our task at hand!

Why you need a time limit on your GOALS.

This week we are learning about the T in SMART goals. The T stands for TIMELY. In order to have the motivation for your goal, you have to set a date to accomplish your goal by. This keeps you in constant pursuit for your goals.

How to be REALISTIC in your goals setting.

This week we are learning about the R in SMART goals. The R stands for REALISTIC. This used to be a personal struggle for me. As an amputee I have been limited by so many people. All of my goals have been deemed unrealistic by one person or another, which is why this episode is so important to me. I share with you my process for designing REALISTIC goals and how you can use this in your life, too.

How you know if you're taking the right action towards your goals.

This week we are learning about the A in SMART goals. The A stand for ACTION. I know I used to get caught up in the doing too little and doing too much cycle of goal getting. This was because I didn't know the difference between being busy and being productive. I didn't understand the importance of aligned action- the importance of action that reaps results. This episode I get real with you on why you’re not putting in the action steps to getting closer to your goal.

The best way to measure your progress in your goals.

The M in the SMART goal stands for MEASURABLE. How are you documenting your progress? Are you setting sub goals? Are you relying on emotional feedback? Are you tracking your progress at all? It is incredibly important to be in tune with how you’re feeling during your goal achieving process. To avoid burnout and fear of failure it’s always a good idea to have a method to stay on track and a method to celebrate your wins and successes. This is especially important in those long term, hard to reach goals. In this episode I share the specific tools I use to document my goal setting progress.

Why your goals need to be SPECIFIC.

This week we are learning about the S in SMART goals. you can't run a race without a finish line, just like you can't achieve your dreams without a goal. Your goal needs to be so specific you can imagine yourself in the future moment achieving your goal. You know what it looks, feels, smells, and sounds like. You've already experienced it in your mind time and time again so that the act of achieving your goal is easypeasy. Here's The thing: your mind doesn't know the difference between a visualization and reality. You can actually train your mind into thinking it has already achieved your goal before... How cool is that?

Why you should begin even if you don't have all the answers!

I say it time and time again, messy action is better than no action. In this episode I dive and and share my personal experience with you on what it looks like and means to get started today. You're ready, you just don't believe it yet! Don't worry bestie. Im here to help get you where you want to go. We all have gold medal dreams inside of us and we all have the potential to reach them. I am here to help you tap into and learn the mindset skills necessary to make you unstoppable. I hope you have a pen and paper ready because boy oh boy do I leave you some nuggets to learn from today!

How to define your why and your purpose for your dreams

On todays episode we will go through the steps for defining your "why". Your "why" will be the motivation you call on to help you stay focused, motivated, and connected to your goal. Grab a pen and paper because this episode is full of goodies and nuggets that will change your life!