About Brenna Huckaby

Brenna Huckaby is a Two-time Paralympic Gold medalist who began snowboarding in 2013 having her right leg amputated from cancer at the age of 14. Brenna was quick to become successful in the sport, winning her first World title only two years into her competitive career. A year later, Brenna stepped away from snowboarding to welcome her daughter into the world, returning back to sport shortly after where she secured two additional World Championship titles.

In Brenna's Paralympic debut at the 2018 PyeongChang Games, she claimed her place at the top of the para snowboarding world, winning two gold medals including the first ever gold won in the banked slalom discipline.

Brenna’s impact goes beyond the slopes, breaking barriers as the first Paralympian to be featured in Sports Illustrated Swim, gracing the cover of multiple publications including Parents and InRegister Magazines and participating in global marketing and PR campaigns for international brands supporting female empowerment and body positivity.

Brenna shares the importance of prioritizing mental health, positive body image, wellness, and the importance of family and her inspirational journey is a testament to the power of persistence in the face of adversity.


Brenna Huckaby is the Founder of the Gold Medal Mindset, a company that empowers the masses to live and dominate in their purpose! Brenna Huckaby is a Transformation Speaker, 2 time Paralympic Gold Medalist Snowboarder, recipient of the 2018 ESPY Awards, The first Paralympian in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, and highly decorated Paralympic Champion, who now uses her training and experience to lead the masses to their victory by using their inner PURPOSE to ascend to their Gold Medal Potential in life and business.



  • 2 time Paralympic Gold Medalist from the 2018 winter Paralympic Games in Snowboard Cross and Banked Slalom

  • Osteosarcoma Cancer Survivor

  • Founder of the Gold Medal Mindset

  • Recipient of the 2018 Espy Best Female Athlete with a Disability

  • Recipient of the 2017 USSA Adaptive Athlete of the Year Award

  • Recognized as a Top Emerging Woman in Culture by PureWOW

  • First Paralympian and amputee to be featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and opened the SI Runway Show in Miami Swim Week.

  • Cover Model of Parent's Magazine with her daughter Lilah

  • Cover Model for InRegister Magazine

  • Honored In Sport's Illustrated Mother's Day Tribune


Brenna Huckaby is a 2 time Paralympic Gold Medalist Snowboarder turned Mindset and Resiliency Strategist, this cancer survivor, and highly decorated Snowboard Champion has turned adversity into strength becoming an inspirational role model for people of all abilities. A master in empowering audiences to be resilient, this young mother of two girls, has had a life full of obstacles to overcome.

Brenna knows all too well the mindset of a woman who knows what she wants but has to reinvent herself due to life’s struggles. She understands what it means to want more from life, but is unsure what it looks like or how to achieve it. But one thing she does know after living the life of:

  • National Ranked Gymnast at age 13

  • NCAA Collegiate Hopeful

  • Amputee at 14 years old

  • Cancer Survivor at 14 years old

  • Moving Across the Globe to Chase a Dream

  • Having a child at 20 years old

  • Struggling with Body Image and Self Worth

  • Reinventing Herself through Poverty

  • Anxiety and Mental Health Challenges

Is that just because your life looks different than you imagined doesn't mean it can't be amazing. We were made for more and with resilience and passion, you can live the life you deserve and desire.

She now specializes in empowering women and her audience to discover and use their adversity to become unstoppable in their goals, career, and lives. Brenna is an example of living a life worth fighting for.

Brenna believes Gold Medal Potential is within each and every one of us, but we don't have to wait for life’s pain to tap into our potential. She emulates how to be a Gold Medalist Goal Getter even after the pain of being broken. She knows that if a woman can achieve a Gold Medal Mindset, make gold medal dedication, and produce gold medal actions, it will ultimately result in the achievement of unstoppable Gold Medal Goals.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned through sport wasn't from winning. It was in the moment when I crossed the finish line during my worst finish ever, I was reminded that life isn't about what place we get when we cross the finish line, but who we become in the process. It is through pain we can see what truly matters, and what matters is who we are and the purpose we have to offer. - Brenna Huckaby

Brenna Huckaby is a Transformational keynote speaker. This 2 time Paralympic Gold medalist snowboarder and cancer survivor, recipient of the 2018 ESPY Award, first Paralympian in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, and young mother of 2 uses her athletic training and experience to lead the masses to their own Gold Medal potential in their own lives using their own power to transform into Gold Medal Goal Getters in life and business.

Having overcome a series of life changing experiences at a young age, including a cancer diagnosis and amputation, becoming a highly decorated Paralympic Champion, and becoming a young mother that forced her to reinvent her life once again, Brenna Huckaby channels her past pain to connect her closer to her purpose. Her mission is to use her own journey as a way to help others find their inner strength, realize their true Gold Medal potential, and live a life worth fighting for.

Brenna Huckaby owns Gold Medal Mindset, results-based coaching programs equipt emerging and established women leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs and game changers to use their Gold Medal Potential to have a purposeful, fulfilled life.

Her core belief is “why wait for the pain to show you how to live a life worth fighting for when you can start now; on your own terms in your own purpose”