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Welcome! My name is Brenna Huckaby, I am a 2 time Paralympic Gold Medalist, Mommy of 2 girls, a cancer survivor and amputee, and a lover of all things mindset, personal development, wellness, and the color purple... yep it's true what they way about us color purple people... If it’s purple we love it and want it, it’s a problem. Do you know what else is a problem? The number of people I have met over the years that don't set goals. Uh oh, is that you? It’s okay, I understand. If it’s not you stick around you may learn something valuable!

One of my favorite questions to ask people is what their goals are. The number of people who don't have goals are shocking to me. As an athlete, goal setting is a part of my regular routine. I set new goals constantly and I hyper-focus on achieving them. Here's the thing, goal setting is important not because of the achievement but because of the process. Your goal changes how you move forward and how you take action. Without a goal, there's no way to know if what you're exerting your energy on is worthwhile. This leads to frustration, low energy, and burnout.

I created The Gold Medal Goals Course to show you how to create goals that you can achieve regardless of what life throws at you. It is a method that will keep you intentional, productive, and grounded on your path to success. This course is absolutely transformative and will provide you with the skill necessary to be a Gold Medalist Goal Getter. If you're ready to take your future into your own hands, enroll now!

When I ask people why they haven't set goals I get the same answers over and over again:

"I don't know how"

Fair response, as an athlete for my entire life, goal setting is a subconscious habit for me. It is routine, natural, and easy. There is a method and a science to it, and if you've never been taught I can absolutely see how difficult it would be to implement. I created this course to clear up any confusion, share the latest data on goal setting, and walk you through your own personal goals on 1 on 1 and group calls.

One thing I have learned in my career is one on one coaching is incredibly helpful, but group coaching can be better. It provides an opportunity to learn from others who may have different or similar challenges than you. You may find yourself struggling with similar problems now or struggling with them later. Luckily you’ve already learned how to solve these problems as they come up because you learned about them in the group coaching setting!

"I used to set goals but I got tired of failing so I gave up"

This is also incredibly common. We set goals feeling good, motivated, inspired but then life comes in and knocks us on our butt our motivation fades. We get tested time and time again and we take it as a sign to quit. I know in my past I have felt this struggle. This problem isn't the goal, the problem isn't you, the problem isn't life, the problem is motivation. The problem is how you were tied to your goal. The problem was not connecting the way you needed to. I call this defining your "why". Why are you doing what you're doing? Why do you want to succeed? Why is this important to you and to your world? When your why is developed to your specific purpose it is easier to battle the struggles that will inevitably happen.

Want to know more about the beauty of defining your why? When things get difficult you will see struggles as an opportunity to add to your story so you can help more people down the line. In my course, we will dive into how to find and develop your why. I share my exact method, as well as methods from other leading experts. This is where the heart and purpose comes in!

"I don't see the value in goal setting".

I know there are people out there that believe setting goals doesn't help. Here's the thing, you don't run a race without a finish line. You have to know where you're going so you can make a plan to get there. Setting clear and intentional goals help you get to where you want to go quicker than you can imagine.

Think about it, if you start your race without a clear destination you'll probably run further than you needed to, you'll turn down places that look better but it send you to a dead end, so you turn around and make another turn but you end up in another dead end. This keeps happening until you get frustrated, tired, and burnt out so you give up on your race... if you would’ve set a clear destination you could've had a straight, effortless line to your outcome.

This is what a goal does. A goal doesn't take the work out of your journey, however it takes out the UNNECESSARY work. Your journey is your journey that is only right for you. You can't compare it to anyone else and when you have a clear goal you wont want to. It will be easy to “stay in your lane”.

What if I told you effective goal setting was just as important as education, networking, and action? Without clear direction it is nearly impossible to implement clear action. The goal isn't the main focus, the journey is. The goal just helps you set the right process to get you where you want to go. The goal is all about where you want to go so you can plan on how to get there. For instance, someone may have a goal to lose weight. In order to do this they need to be in a calorie deficit and exercise regularly, right? Well, that is the process. If they never declared weight loss as their goal they wouldn’t develop a plan to get there.

If you're tired of resonating with the above I challenge you to take action into your own hands,enroll now to develop your Gold Medal Goals.

I am obsessed with goal setting.

Seriously, if you were to ask anyone they will tell you it's a passion of mine! I believe in the power of intentional goal setting and the power it holds to transform lives. Intentional goal setting can and will get you where you want to go.

I have developed my own method for goal setting that not only will show you how to get results, but will help you stay focused, intentional, and productive on your path to excellence. I call it Gold Medal Goals for a reason. One 1 person is on top of the podium, and I believe if you want it you can develop a way to get there. These are the tools I have used time and time again to claim my place on top of the podium. This is the method I have used to make myself unstoppable.

What do you get?

1-45 minutes 1 on 1 mindset coaching call

4-week course on how to set unstoppable goals

4 group coaching calls

a supportive community for accountability and relationships

What will you learn:

How to overcome the 10 most common mindset blocks that stop people from achieving their goals

Understand how to use the mind for your benefit

How to set achievable and measurable goals

The best way to self motivate

The foundation of conquering limiting beliefs

The core understanding of how to set and achieve goals

Who is this for?

You've set goals but haven't stuck to them.

You’ve never set goals.

You want more out of life but you don't know how to get it.

You’ve given up on your goals when life gets hard.

You’re ready to take your life and power into your own hands.

You’re scared about what will happen if you set your goal, but can’t achieve it.

What's in the course?

Week 1: Most Common Mindset Shifts Necessary to Achieve All Goals:

We will dive into the most common mindset shifts necessary to stay on task, motivated, and confident in your journey. When we are achieving goals many things in our lives will change. I will teach you to see change as good and as a learning opportunity. This module will set you up with the skills to overcome fear, provide self confidence, and tools to stay present and focused on your outcome.

Week 2: Understanding The Conscious and the Subconscious Mind In Goal Setting

The conscious and the subconscious mind both have different jobs in goal achievement. We will dive into what those jobs are, how to maximize the mind for success, and methods to make your goal achievement second nature.

Week 3: Gold Medal Goal Setting Method

You will be setting your achievable, measurable, and realistic goals. I will teach you my Gold Medal Method for goal setting. We will get clear and intentional on your desired outcome. This is where the magic happens!

Week 4: How to Define Your Why For Self Motivation

This is where you will get real, raw, and honest on your purpose. A well set goal connects to your spirit. A “why” so strong will make you unstoppable regardless of what life throws your way. This is where your self-motivation will be developed and strengthened.

Bonus Module: Goal setting tools!

We will get into all the different tools you can use to stay focused and on track. I will show you how I create my own vision boards, "You Got This Lists'', "Treat Yourself Lists", journal prompts, daily routines, and wellness practices I use to stay focused and grounded on my journey! This is where my woo woo comes in, but I attribute many of these practices to my success.

After each module, you will get a 1-hour mindset group coaching call. Together we will work through mindset blocks that come up during your goal setting journey. We use the weekly coaching calls as a place to celebrate, build community, and hold accountability to achieve success. You will also be welcomed into The Gold Medal Academy Facebook page where you can connect with fellow Academy members. There is a huge need for a supportive community, and this is where you can connect, share, and support one another.

I look forward to seeing you in the group!


What if when I join it isn't what I thought? If you start the course and it isn't what you thought it was going to be send me an email within 10 days of starting your course and we will get you 100% reimbursed. I believe in my course and trust that it will provide you with the life changing, transformation tools necessary to put your life into your own hands. I want you to go into my program feeling zero risk so you reap the get the full mindset benefits!