My 5 Travel


My 5 Travel-Must Haves!

(well, favorite things in life general)

Okay Bestie, here are my favorite things I use to feel at home when I am not at home. Traveling can and is a beautiful gift, but sometimes home sickness can try to getcha when you least expect it. I have a list of 5 (way more but I'm not trying to overwhelm you bestie, not today…) I am totally loving.

If you’re ready, lets dive in!

#1 My Willows

If you’ve seen my IG stories you know I am OBSESSED with these sunnies. They make you feel fierce, confidence, and cool as hell. What I love about them is they are comfortable on my face, they are incredibly sturdy… no really I saw a woman doing a handstand in them and they did not come off. How cool is that? The crystals at the bottom are to die for!! If you want to be cool AF like me then bestie get you a pair…

Bestie, imma be honest I must share you the cons of the product because we love an educated queen. So what I don't love (but don't care because pros outweigh this and its totally figure out able) is they're hard to store protectively. Sunny sleeves don't really fit them and it's hard to separate the lenses from the metal and crystals. The glasses come in bubble wrap for the lenses and that seems to be the best way to store them when they're not on your head, but I threw mine away so I have been wrapping a spare sunny sleeve around the lenses then putting them in another sleeve. This seems to be the best fix!

These glasses are a 100/10 and I will never not own a pair or more… So because you’re here My Willows is offering you 15% off your first pair!! Use code: BREN15 . WEBSITE:

You do have to act fast because they sell out FAST.

Also I do not make money off of this at all! I just wanted to hook y’all up!!


I am that person who does their whole skin care routine in the seat on an airplane. The air is SOOO dry and dehydrating even when I go through my 2497328 step skin care routine I still look crusty when we land UNLESS I use this one product. Now, I have normal skin, not too dry (unless airplane ) and not oily so results may vary. SO what is this miracle product? Ehhh I’m scared to share this. I can feel the WTFs coming… This is NOT an AD nor sponsored or any affiliation… it’s Vaseline.. Vaseline has totally and completely changed my life. I use it every night after my skin care routine. I find it seals in my products and gives a moisturizing mask at the end. I have included a link where you can learn more about using Vaseline as a beauty product because I was SKEPTICAL at first to say the least. I did not believe that was a good idea… but y'all.. It is. It's cheap AF so it doesn't hurt to try! According to the AAD American Association of Dermatology if you are acne prone it's not a good idea…

I also use Vaseline on the ends of my hair, I find it hydrates the ends and makes them look healthier. I also apply a SMALL amount to any frizzy flyaways. I will always have a vaseline with me and ready to go when I travel ANYWHERE!

#3 eye mask

Yes Bestie Queen… You NEVEER know what kind of hotel room or air bnb you will be at. If you're like me, I need total darkness and soooo many times there has been wayyyy too much light peeping into my hotel room… an eye mask has totally changed my life. I really like the silk eye masks because they're soft but they do fly off my face at night. I also like the pillowy soft ones from Aerie or the ones with an eye hole popped out on them because sometimes it's too much pressure on my eyeballs. I wear it in the airplane, hotel room, sleeping in the car, when I just don’t want to see the haters in my life, wherever…it’s life changing.

I actually keep an eye mask in my car because you never know when you may need it!

#4 yoga mat & suspension training straps

Don't have a gym? No worries. Suspension training straps go behind any door and you can get a light workout in . I always travel with mine. They are amazing… I may only use them a couple times when I travel but the fact I have them, is what Is the best. You can get them on Amazon, Facebook Marketplace or directly from the website. I don't have a specific brand I like.. I use the TRX specific one but they're all probably similar quality.

I also like to travel with a yoga mat so I can stretch and lay on the floor without being grossed out on what I'm laying on…. You know what I mean… hotel room floors aren't exactly the cleanest bad bois in all the land… they gross me out. I also lay a towel on the ground before my precious yoga mat because we love her and must protect her at all costs. I use Youtube to find my workouts and yoga sessions. I love Yoga by Adriene on Youtube and I also enjoy MadFit’s programs too.

I have linked them here:

They're fun and challenging and I just like their aesthetic and vibe. Enjoy!!

LOL hot mess moment. We were quarantined in a hotel room in Milan for 3 days. I brought my straps and yoga mat for that specific moment. I left them in a bag at the hotel reception and I couldn't go get them due to the quarantine. That made me laugh as I was writing this. So if you do bring these with you plz remember to bring them into your hotel room LOL

#5 Antibacterial Wipes

Lastly this was pre COVID and more importantly post COVID: Antibacterial wipes. I have always been that biotch to wipe down the airplane before I get comfy. I scrub everything and then when I get to my hotel I do the same with the tv remote, the light switches, the door handle, the phone, and anything I normally touch and others touch, too. I also wipe down my own phone and my wallet because that was just out in the world living its best life getting nastay. You can call me smart or a germaphobe idrc because imma be clean af.